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About the Founder

The Founders

The founders have worked with various IT technologies for over 20 years in various technology delivery and program management consultant roles. They have csulted and managed on a wide range of IT projects for companies in the health, education, and automotive industries.

The Concept

One of the founder, a busy father of three, woke up one morning and found himself in the office of one of his children's schools. He noticed the long slog through voicemails the school staff had to filter through in the morning. He admits that on occasion he himself has forgotten to call in to his children's schools when he was supposed to, thus creating even more work for staff. That experience sparked his desire to look for a way to both save schools time and make it easier for parents to report an absence on a busy morning - thus, NotifySchool.

The Result

After two years of R&D, NotifySchool was realized. It is the only absence-tracking software solution for both schools and parents that allows two-way communication. With NotifySchool, there are no more endless voicemails to go through on those days when students are out sick. School staff now just download a list of the children who will be absent and why. The system can complement or completely replace current absence tracking systems.

NotifySchool is also more convenient for busy parents. They can report their child absent via their online account or NotifySchool mobile app, which is compatible with iOS & Android devices. Simply, enter a password, select a child, state reason for absence and date(s), then click submit.