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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NotifySchool?

NotifySchool, an absence management web solution and mobile app, is a fast and easy way for busy (and sometimes forgetful) parents to notify schools when their children will not be coming in. Parents login to their account, select their child, reason and date of absence, then click submit. Schools receive real-time absence reports from parents.

Why parents should join NotifySchool?

NotifySchool is a more convenient way for parents to report their child’s absence from their computer or via the NotifySchool mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Why schools should subscribe to NotifySchool?

NotifySchool eliminates the need to filter through endless absence voicemails, especially on those days when students are coming down with something. School staff now just download a list of the children who will be absent and why. NotifySchool can complement or completely replace current absence-tracking systems.

How much does it cost?

There are 3 plans for schools: 1) FREE plan, 2) Regular Plan - $10, 3) Premium Plan - $25. All plans include a free 30-day trial subscription. Start your FREE 30-day TRIAL

Who can benefit from using NotifySchool?

a. K-12 Public Schools

b. Private Schools

c. Charter Schools

d. Childcare Centers

e. Specialty Schools

f. Sports Teams

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Plans are billed on a month-to-month basis. If you decide to cancel your subscription, your account will remain active until the last day of your billing cycle. Then it will be deactivated and you will not be charged again.

We already have an absence-tracking system. Why should we use NotifySchool?

NotifySchool is not meant to replace your existing system. It can work alone or with your current system. Think of it as an easier way for you AND parents to manage daily absences. When needed, you can simply download reports from NotifySchool to use with your current system.

Can we use our own student ID numbers?

For added security, NotifySchool generates an encrypted student code that is synced with your student IDs. Simply upload a list of your students and their IDs. When parents sign up, their child’s information will sync with your information.

How secure is family and student information?

All of the information uploaded to your profile or account is encrypted and very secure per our Privacy Policy.

Will our information be backed up on a regular basis?

NotifySchool’s data is encrypted and backed up on a daily basis.

How much training will be provided after we sign up for NotifySchool?

Launch support will be provided at no cost to you after you sign up. However, NotifySchool is so simple to launch that we probably won’t hear from you, accept to say thanks. To contact support, send an email to support@notifyschool.com.

Do you provide technical support during the trial period?

Yes, email support is available weekdays, 7 AM – 4 PM EST. Please contact our support team at support@notifyschool.com.