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Report Your Child's Absence In Just 3 Clicks


NotifySchool, an absence management web solution and mobile app, is a fast and easy way for busy (and sometimes forgetful) parents to notify schools when their children will not be coming in. Parents login to their account, select their child, reason and date of absence, then click submit...that's it!

NotifySchool also provides a faster, more efficient way for schools to manage daily absences of students, which reduces the need for administrative staff to listen to voicemails.


Select Child


Reason & Date


Submit >

...that's it!

We made it as simple as 1-2-3!



Much Faster than Calling In

From the mobile app or website, three simple steps and you're done. After all, when your child misses school you probably have more important people to worry about!

Track Previous Absences

You receive an email confirmation that the school was notified of the absence. You can also track prior absences for all of your children, even at multiple schools.

Help Your Child's School

NotifySchool is more efficient for your school because staff will spend less time listening to voicemails and answering phones...and more time focused on the students.

Free Family Account

NotifySchool is always free for parents. Register for a free account online or via the mobile app, which is compatible with iOS & Android devices

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"When our kids have to miss school, being able to quickly report them absent is a must."

- Sandra C., Mom of 4

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